Facade - Wayland's SmithyWaylands Smithy - facade

Long Barrows

About a mile to the east of Ashbury along the Ridge Way is the megalithic chambered tomb, built about 3400 BC, known as Waylands Smithy. Within this was discovered an even older (3700 BC) earthen long barrow that covered a wooden mortuary house. Recent work suggests that some of these structures may have had stellar alignments. 


SarsensSarsen Stones - sometimes called 'grey wethers' because of their appearance to reclining sheep

Sarsen Stones

Valley near Ashdown House, source of sarsen stones for megalithic constructions

Near Lambourn Seven Barrows are to be found the pitiful remains of all that is left of another Neolithic earthen long barrow containing a sarsen stone cyst (box) at one end. Interestingly, C14 dating suggests that this is perhaps the oldest such long barrow in the country.

Lambourne Long BarrowLong Barrow at Lambourn  Seven Barrows
Lambourn round barrow
Lambourn Seven Barrows - Ditched Bowl Round Barrow


Round Barrows

At Lambourn Seven Barrows are to be found over 30 Bronze Age round barrows where one grave alone contained the cremated remains of 100 individuals dating from 2200 BC