Phil Carmichael

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Phil became involved with the Morris at 10 years of age, being taught by his Headmaster who danced with an Oxford side. A stalwart member of The Side, Phil has danced with Icknield since 1984. A teacher by profession, Phil was responsible for introducing much new blood into the Side through encouraging Morris Dancing at the local school.

Phil was Fool for many years and took this role very seriously, always having a good eye for fair maidens that were required for circle dances (Maid of the Mill). Called on to sing, Phil has a good repertoire of humorous songs, usually with complicated verses and even more difficult chorus'.  He's not adverse to taking a bet on whether he can finish them without a mistake. Phil has since published a 400+ volume of lyrics to the many berst songs and ditties as sung at post dancing sessions and Ales which is now available on the Morris Ring web site.