Steve Dagnall

Steve Dagnall


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Steve began dancing the Morris in 1984 after an invitation by Adam Brown to go watch The Side perform; he was instantly taken with the music.   He is a reluctant Anglo concertina player.

He recalls receiving puzzled `complaints' at work about thumping on the floor due to lunchtime Morris practice sessions with Adam.

He returned to The Side in 1998 following a sabbatical of 10 years, initially to learn how to dive, but primarily to concentrate on a house restoration programme.   Interests include archaeology with an astronomical slant and undertaking work for the Gower Bone Caves project. He is also a supporter of the Sunwheel Grove Druid Order.

He is currently Webmaster for The Side.

Lizzie DagnallElizabeth Dagnall (Lizzie)
1986 - 2009

With the help of the Churchill Hospital, Oxford, Lizzie battled with melanoma for 4.5 years. Thank you for your donations which have helped move one more step closer to effectively treating this disease.

In Memory of
PO (1st Class) Edgar Evans
Perished on 17th February 1912
Lower Beardmore Glacier, Antarctica