Ian Weeden

Ian Weeden (Obituary)

Ian took up Morris dancing through his theatrical interests when it became necessary to learn how to dance to play a part in a local production.  He soon learnt that it was more fun to do this than it was to be a thespian.

Ian was always desperate to get the steps right and kept a small notebook in his back pocket that summarised the main features of each tradition. Interestingly, some of us also remember doing a similar thing. Ian was always a key supporter of the side, even after a triple by-pass operation, and went on to become Stickman for The Side for many years.

We will certainly miss his wry sense of humour, his support    ....    and that look of panic about the next dance figure.


Sad news- Ian Weeden

27/8/2021 11:13

I am sorry to have to tell you that Ian Weeden died earlier this week.

The provisional date for the funeral is Thurs 9th Sept 11.25 am at Wantage parish church, and they would like a Morris presence - exactly what will be worked out later.


Jonathan Marriott
Squire and Acting Bagman, Icknield Way Morris Men

Re: Sad news- Ian Weeden

27/8/2021 11:27

Very sorry news indeed.

The 9th will be quite quick by current standards and I shall regrettably be absent (I will still be in Cornwall). I trust the side can attend and represent me in doing so.

In sadness.

Clive (Blunt)


27/8/2021 12:13

Hi Jonathan

Is now in my diary.  Very sad news indeed.  I will miss his humour and that look of panic about the next figure when I used to dance opposite him.

I was only talking about Ian to Jon yesterday and that I needed to make a visit.  Alas, too little, too late.


I will place something on our Home Page later today.


Steve (Dagnall)


27/8/2021 12:36

Sad news indeed Jonathan.  Ian was a faithful member of IWMM since joining in 1996, and carried out his duties as stick man for many years carting that heavy bag around even into his old age without complaint.  He also worked tirelessly in the kitchen when we had our Ales and was mummer for many performances.  He will be sorely missed.

In sorrow

Pete (Ambidge)


27/8/2021 13:15

Ian was particularly welcoming to someone new to the side. His wry sense of humour and sudden look of comedy panic when starting a dance are something I will remember and miss.

Goodbye Ian

(Matt Gerring)


27/8/2021 15:13

Sad news - a stalwart of the side and of the mummers. I am available for the funeral

J (Jim Birch)


27/8/2021 18:27

That is very sad news.
He was one of a kind - I will remember him mostly from all the plays I have acted in with him over many years in the Domino Players.

Richard (Browning)


27/8/2021 20:13

Evening All

This is sad news indeed.

I too share found memories of Ian

A warm welcoming chap.

Please share condolences from Sarah and I

Ah (Alastair Hutchinson)


So farewell......

27/8/2021 20:16

.....Ian.  An IWMM member for 25 years and over that period must rank as one of our must loyal and dependable supporters, whether it was dancing, carrying sticks, cooking, mumming, encouraging new beginners or collecting for our many charities which he did every Boxing Day for many years and amazing us all coming back to carry on doing it after heart surgery. Ian was a character whose singular nature became part of the IWMM tapestry and gave us many stories to remember him by and enjoy his company.  He also did a great deal of work for the community, helping others.  Right now, he'll be telling St. Peter a better way to open the Pearly Gates.

Go in peace old friend, you'll be we'll remembered here.

Sem (Seaborne)


Re: Sad news- Ian Weeden

28/8/2021 08:19

Very sad to hear of Ian's passing - a reliable and genial presence in the side for 25 years.

I will remember his stories of his time in the film industry as a young man, as well as his mastery of the ferret, and years of Mummers performances.

He brought his own distinctive style to Icknield Way - found a niche within the side, and never lost the ability to smile at himself. He will be sorely missed.

Unfortunately, we will be out of the country on the 9th September but pleased to know there will be an IWMM presence at Ian's send off.

Len and Karen (Ash)


28/8/2021 08:47

Count me in. Ian was the best natured chap you could wish to meet. If only his enthusiasm had been matched with ability, he would have been the best Morris dancer ever! The look of terror in his eyes was matched by my own when dancing opposite him in stick dances. You were never sure where his stick would go!

He won't be forgotten

Pete Mac (McLoughlin)


28/8/2021 09:01

I shall be coming then and rubbing the top of my head in memory of when he nearly knocked me out with his stick. He was a great fun guy and will be sorely missed, a real pillar of the side. His enthusiasm was unquestionable and uplifting.

Simon (Weston)


28/8/2021 12:19

I would like to add my appreciation of Ian’s contribution to the side, and endorse the comments that others have made. We all have our stories about Ian. One of my favourites is the time he nearly caused chaos during a dog show by dangling his ferret over the arena fence!

Unfortunately, distance and other commitments mean that I will not be able to attend the funeral, but please pass on my best wishes to Sue.

Pete Smith


29/8/2021 15:17

Very sad news.

I will miss our discussions during the dance about who hits first and where.

A sad loss.

Peter (Bradley)


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