Ian Gillingham

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Since his formative (beer swilling?) years, Ian has had a passion for
traditional folk music, 12 years of successive Towersey Festivals since
the age of 15 proved witness to that! He has always enjoyed watching
Morris dancing and when he was living within a stone's throw of
Towersey, decided to 'give it a go' and joined Towersey Morris. After
just 3 months practice, he moved away and then his two young children
occupied his time. So after a short 14 year break, now with grown up kids,
Ian has returned with vigour and a passion... for more beer! He says
"dances must be more energetic these days, as I seem to run out of steam
far more quickly than I remember!!"

As an electronics/software engineer, involved with synchrotron controls,
he appreciates the principles of precise timing and making electrons go
the right way... he endeavors to apply this to Morris Dancing!!

Ian has since left the Side to pursue other activities.