Simon Weston

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Simon learnt to Morris Dance when he joined the Herga Morris Men (Harrow) in 1974. After the musician for the side emigrated to Scotland, he bought a melodeon and rapidly learnt to play for the Morris. He played and danced with them for about 3 years, including one year as Squire, before moving to Berkshire where he joined the Kennet Morris Men and Reading Cloggies.

At the same time his musical talents blossomed, involving him in a number of ceilidh bands including Puddleduck, Zemmery Fidd, Keepers Gate Band (KGB) and Poachers Pocket, playing button accordion and anglo concertina. These commitments resulted in a 20+ year sabbatical from Morris before meeting up with some of the Icknield men at an Abingdon Arms session in 2003. They convinced him that he should be shaking his bells again.