Brian Cooper

Brian Cooper


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Brian was our friend.  He loved the Morris and the Morris loved Brian. He was one of our family and we shared many happy times together; dancing, eating, drinking and laughing. And that's how we will remember Brian; he liked to laugh.

In September (1994) we had a team dancing at Yately where Brian danced every dance.  He said he felt short of breath and off his beer and I told him we were all getting old.  Two weeks after that Sue called with the news which we all have found so devastating and a cruel reminder of our mortality.

Through the last 6 months Brian kept up his dedication to the Morris and still came along on a Wednesday evening, even when he must have been mentally and physically exhausted.  And he could still laugh

The courage it took to keep going through that period is beyond our imagination, but I know he had tremendous support from Sue, Gillian, Bob and Richard. He was fortunate indeed to have a tower of strength and support in Sue. She has our absolute imagination and sympathy

Brian played for us and looked after our business affairs for 2 years up until he received the dreadful news.  He was a regular and dependable supporter who could always be relied on and we shall miss him greatly.  Not just for his support but for his fellowship

On warm, dusty summer's evening's in June, as the sun set's by a lonely downside pub, and as twelve tired dancers go in to quench their thirst, they'll sit round a table and talk of Brian. That tune he played, the stories he told; because for as long as there is an Icknield Way Morris. There will be memories of Brian.

Brian, we thank you for your comradeship and for everything you gave us which enriched our lives.

Sem Seaborne
29th March 1995

Like many of us, Brian felt that the soul of the Morris resided in just one hallowed place; his ashes are scattered in Bampton.