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Evolution of the Wessex Wyverns

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Wyvern - new design
Current design (Sem Seaborne)

Wyvern - Graham Hubbard design
Graham Hubbard design

Wyvern - Sem Seaborne design
Sem Seaborne design

Wyvern - Len Ash design
Len Ash design

Wyvern - Geoff Smith design
Geoff Smith design

Wyvern - Old Boys design
Old Boys design

Evolution of the Wessex Wyverns

The team emblem is the old Icknield School Wessex Wyvern, the symbol of the Kings of Wessex, the most famous of whom was Alfred the Great born in Wantage in 849. Over the years the Side has used different styles of wyverns. In the beginning all the wyverns were standard, then for several years each member made their own wyvern with its own character. In our 50th year we standardised the wyvern again. Illustrated below is the original wyvern used 50 years ago and the current wyvern.

The Geoff Smith design was used quite a lot on posters. The Sem Seaborne design was used on our original sweatshirts and letterheads. The Len Ash design was used on the original web site and probably not on anything else. The Graham Hubbard design, was used quite a lot on letterheads, posters and the web site. The Old Boys design and the most recent one were the only two standardised for the kit.


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