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- Mummers and Mumming
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Mummers and Mumming
Chapbook Mummers' Plays
Alex Helm

Currently unvailable
Guizer P; ISBN: 0902065009



The English Mummers and Their Plays; Traces of Ancient Mystery (University of Pennsylvania Publications in Folklore and Folklife)
Alan Brody

Univ of Pennsylvania Pr; ISBN: 0812276116



Eight Mummers' Plays
Alex Helm

Currently unvailable.
Ginn; ISBN: 0602217709



English Mummers and Their Plays
Alan Brody (1971)

Routledge; ISBN: 0710070675



The English Mumming Play
Eddie Cass, Michael J. Preston and Paul Smith

Currently unvailable.
The Folklore Society; ISBN: 0903515210



The Mummer's Song
Bud Davidge (Ian Wallace, Illustrator)

The Mummer's Song

St. George and the Dragon a Folk Play
J. Langstaff

Currently unvailable.
Encore Editions; ISBN: 0689304218


Mumming and the Mummers' Play of St. George
J Stevens Cox

Currently unvailable.
Toucan P; ISBN: 0900749466


So You Want To Start Mumming...
Ron Shuttleworth

RK Shuttleworth; ISBN: 0951014013



Mumming, Howling and Hoodening
G. Doel

Meresborough Books; ISBN: 0948193743



Mumming Plays in Oxfordshire
Stephen Roud (Editor)

Currently unvailable.
Traditional Drama Research Gp; ISBN: 0950815225



Berkshire Mumming Plays
Stephen Roud, Malcolm Bee

Folkore Society Library; ISBN: 1871903254



Christmas Mumming in Newfoundland
Herbert Halpert and G.M. Story

Currently unvailable.
University of Toronto Press Inc.; ISBN: 0802067670



Five Mumming Plays for Schools
Alex Helm (Editor)

English Folk; ISBN: 085418063X



The Customs and Traditions of Wales (Pocket Guides)
Trefor M. Owen

ISBN: 0708311180

The Customs and Traditions of Wales


In Comes I ...(vol 1)
John Bartlett

Plays and Musicals; ISBN: 1 904458 83 1

Six modern Mummers plays that are bawdy, verging on risque. The author, John Bartlett, is a confirmed Mummer, but realised that today's pub audiences needed more stimulation than the traditional set of plays could deliver. A new concept in Mumming.

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